BNI Guntur SAMISHTA Members' Day Event

Mark your calendars for the BNI Guntur Members’ Day on 28th July 2024. This grand event, celebrating the 6th anniversary of BNI Samishta, promises a day filled with opportunities, learning, and networking. With more than 600 participants expected, this event will be held at Shree Convention, MG Inner Ring Road, Guntur – 522034. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your business network and celebrate with fellow members. Scan the QR code on the invitation for the location and further details.

About BNI Samishta

BNI Samishta, part of the globally renowned BNI network, embodies the spirit of unity and growth. It serves as a powerful platform for professionals across various industries to connect, collaborate, and achieve their business goals. Through structured meetings and referral exchanges, BNI Samishta helps its members to not only expand their business reach but also build lasting professional relationships. Join us on this momentous day and be a part of a thriving network that stands by the motto, “We Are One.” Together, let’s continue to drive business growth and celebrate our collective achievements.



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Engaging Keynote Speaker

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Sekhara Babu

Executive Director

P.S. Sekhara Babu, Executive Director of BNI Guntur, has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, showcasing his expertise and leadership. His mission is to make quality construction materials accessible and affordable, setting new industry standards and contributing to infrastructure development. A BNI member for 5 years, he took over the franchise of BNI Guntur in 2022. At BNI Guntur, Sekhara empowers members, fosters collaboration, and drives local business growth under his leadership. BNI Guntur continues to thrive, providing invaluable networking opportunities and resources to its members. His ability to inspire and motivate those around him makes him an outstanding leader and a pillar of BNI Guntur.

Event Core Team

Kiran Karampudi


Potru Veeriaha Chowdary

Vice Chairman


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